We would like to realize our mission and objectives through building a solid, long-term relationship with suppliers, buyers and other business partners. To achieve this, we can count on a dedicated team of employees who excel in expertise and commitment. In achieving our objectives, we take full responsibility for the level of quality that we have achieved and other indicators of customer satisfaction. In addition, we are continuously seeking new techniques and opportunities to improve our competitive position in our efforts to achieve maximum performance.

Long-term vision: a matter of trust

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of our customers have for many years remained loyal to “OOO KHABNEFTESBYT” We have built up a long-term relationship with each of them based on trust. This adds momentum to our efforts to maximize customer satisfaction. Living up to our promises, maintaining a flexible attitude and providing just that little bit more when the customer needs it, enables us to hold on to our customers for a long time. In conducting our business, we prefer the personal approach. We believe that a phone call or a brief meeting gives more clarity than a business letter or formal email. At “OOO KHABNEFTESBYT” the customer is certainly not just a number but a member of our community.normal_13159