At “OOO KHABNEFTESBYT” honesty, integrity and respect for people are the basic concepts of our relationship with employees and we attach great importance to the promotion of trust, openness, cooperation, professionalism and pride in their performance.

Our policy aims to ensure the safety of employees and to protect their health. Through strict procedures, frequent consultation with all stakeholders and monitoring compliance, we strive to avoid risks to humans and the environment to an absolute minimum. Prevention is absolute priority for us. The availability of the facilities is optimized Through specific maintenance programs, for example, all storage tanks are periodically cleaned, inspected and repaired if necessary.

Here much attention is paid to safety and the environment.

In the area of Safety, Health, Welfare and Environment (HSE) the policy is aimed at ensuring the safety and protecting the health of our workers, and to prevent damage to the environment and property. Which are abided to by both our own staff and contractors working on our property to the achievement of this objective.

Employees and contractors who carry out maintenance work must be in possession of a passport security. This is one of the means by which a large number of companies, united in this interest ensures safety in the Rotterdam port and industrial area which we also apply throughout our sites.


Both the external and internal consultations take safety and environment a prominent place. There are also regular constructive consultation in the area of safety and the environment and substantial investments are made annually.

Continuous attention to safety and the environment contribute to the beauty of our facilities which is harmony with nature. There are many types of grass, protected flower species in and around our facilities.

In recognition of the integration of care for nature and operations and the way in which the premises is maintained, we have received several Awards by the Port Authority, awarded to companies that are positively distinguished by the establishment and maintenance of its outdoor space, which is result of a heightened awareness of safety and environment throughout the company.

Our aim is to reduce the number of incidents, injuries and environmental impacts to a minimum by professional and qualified action. Performance and efficiency are to be maximized at the same time.

Continuous attention to safety and the environment contributes to a safe and healthy work environment.83-1







We have storage tanks that meet strict standards and specifications set by clients or governments. Our focus is to deliver a sustainable storage tanks for various product that meets all expectations.

Designed and manufactured to international standards to hold against challenging offshore circumstances observing the strict policies governing product storage in accordance with ISO and DNV 2.7-1 regulations.

To ensure our objectives in the area of quality, our management have an ISO 9001 certified management system.