Storage takes place in large tanks and through numerous pipelines the oil is distributed and Our successful handling of petroleum products, chemicals, and gases has made “OOO KHABNEFTESBYT” the preferred storage provider for a wide range of companies. The biggest benefit imparted by properly maintained storage tanks over time is the prevention of water contamination of the fuel.

Obviously it is important to maintain the structural integrity of tanks, Our Experts minimizes the amount of space left in the tank over time, this space reduction influence how much water from condensation accumulates in the fuel. The minimum amount of space needed depends on the tank configuration and the volume of fuel (because of expansion). in our fuel storage tanks the stability treatments prevent against the breakdown of the fuel by chemical reaction with outside influences.
everyone in the fuel storage department chain watches things as closely as expected for maximum product safety.

Current capacity                          Size Range                             Fase 1 Expansion (Operational Q4-2016)
161.600 m3                               14 x 2.500 m3                                   6 x 4.000 m3
8 x 6.300 m3                                      2 x 1.200 m3
6 x 12.700 m3                                    6 x 1.500 m3